Your personal space at SOHO

Nov 07, 2018 | Beatrice Pociute

Your desk – your own space. It doesn’t matter if your desk is a messy desk of a genius and the organized chaos, or a personal tidiness space, where everything is perfectly placed. It doesn’t really matter if you are an early bird and enjoy working from the early mornings or stay awake all night because it’s the only time when you can focus and be productive. The freedom of choosing when to focus on your tasks and projects can lead to successful achievements! Studies show employees work better when they can make their own sleep/work schedule, but most workplaces aren’t eager to change or adapt. The right environment and conditions matter for a happy and productive workforce.

When it comes to your workspace, it’s all about cultivating what makes you unique as a person and professional for your job. If you prefer a workspace that encourages creativity, then try adding inspirational objects to spark your creative side. If you believe in a ‘clean desk policy’ keep your desk organized and looking sharp. It’s then a workspace that conveys you’re ready for anything, no matter how your day unfolds. Surround yourself with things that inspire and spark your creativity, but don’t forget some sense of organization, which allows you to know where everything is and be able to gather it in a flash. Convey your professionalism through your workspace by keeping everything where it needs to be and adding one of two things that make you feel inspired. Ultimately, your work should always come first. The goal is to create a space that lets you feel motivated, grow and achieve. 

If you are still looking for a perfect space for your personal and business needs, look no further than Soho Office Hotel Malta. Here you will find the space which meets all of your personal needs. Choose your working time, your network, your methods – set your little personal space and infuse a touch of your own personality. Our amenities include dedicated front desk service, modern meeting rooms, flexible solutions, special events, and more. As Malta’s economy continues to welcome local business leaders and from abroad, join Soho Office Hotel for a community where we grow together. We work hard to create the perfect environment in which you can stay inspired and perfectly represent your business.  For more information and availability contact us