What does the SOHO team look like?

Nov 21, 2018 | Beatrice Pociute

What does the Soho team look like? Are we a group of smart-dressed business-people, or creative and original individuals? There is a quote by Shane Snow which says: “Brands should create content that is so good that people are proud to put their name on it.” We couldn’t agree more and recently decided to have a photoshoot for Soho Office Hotel team – to pull back the curtain and let everyone see who we are and what are we like. We had a great time – that’s a fact. At the photoshoot it was easy to get into the spirit, relax and have fun. Big thanks for our photographer Andras Koncsek for encouragement and professionalism! He knew the photos would come out better if we are all able to loosen up, keep the atmosphere light and simple, and we ended up with some great portrait and funny shots.

Whether or not you are all camera-ready rock stars, getting your team and coworkers together for some professional shots is good for your team, your brand, and your network. A simple office photoshoot is a great first step in that direction. Soho Office Hotel has more than 60 different companies, including igaming, recruitment, marketing companies and many more. Showing your partners and the people behind your brand and giving everyone a moment in the spotlight can be a great start for successful team-building.