Importance of the workplace community

Oct 03, 2018 | Beatrice Pociute

Co-working is a fantastic new development of the internet age. More people are choosing a more flexible lifestyle, an increasing number of companies are incorporating co-working into their business strategies. Work-space is shared by different companies, remote workers, freelancers and other independent professionals, offering many benefits to both individuals and business models. Sharing of equipment, space and knowledge can lead to a highly creative and productive environment for all.
If a harmonious workplace is your goal, creating a sense of community should be your target. It’s not a secret, that the benefits of community in a workplace setting have obvious importance to the goals of a business. Whether it’s a community of neighbors, volunteers, students or coworkers, building a strong sense of community brings clarity of purpose to the groups we belong to. Community represents the degree to which individuals feel connected to others and how successfully they grow. The variety of workers in the space means that co-workers have unique skill sets that they can provide to other community members. Connections with others are a big reason why people pay to work in co-working spaces, as opposed to working from home for free or renting a nondescript office.

Good communication in the workplace
 can develop positive relationships, break down obstacles
 and bring people together towards a common goal.

All about the human element

When it comes to developing the community, dialogue is one of the main aspects for maintaining and improving the work culture. Dialogue is how you come to understand yourself and others. It requires presence in the moment of dialogue, honest investment of oneself, and genuine caring of others. Clear communication plays very important role in the workspace. Communicating effectively with your co-workers creates the opportunity to improve work environment by sharing your ideas, thoughts in that way improving communication. Good communication in the workplace can develop positive relationships, break down obstacles and bring people together towards a common goal. In the community where ideas are discussed and shared, dialogue can present a new way of making sense of our working experience and clearing the path for new learning to emerge.

Team-building makes it work!

Day-to-day office activities supported by employers is not enough to feel a part of a community. Team building is vital to the success of any organisation - fostering an environment which both celebrates the diversity of the individuals within a company while also giving them a common ground on which to come together. Companies that try to enable more connections, helping people to interact and build community beyond work meetings creates a positive environment. Planning diversity-focused social events to expose employees to different cultures in fun environments can be a great start. Getting your work colleagues to invest emotionally in your relationships by attending company’s or co-working spaces’ gatherings and accomplishments is a huge part of the equation for success. Encouraging people to socialize and collaborate, celebrate one’s achievements and milestones, participating as a team – that kind of collaboration and putting yourself out there as a group, will further work to consolidate the companies’ essence and culture. It’s safe to say that investing in team building activities is as beneficial for the employees as it is for the business owners. Creating a workplace community means making each employee feel respected and valued. It’s never too late to improve workplace morale and work on building trust.


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