SOHO Office - St. Julians

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What will it cost?

DesksStarting Price
  • Dedicated Desk
    per person
    € 300.00/mo
  • Hot Desk
    per person
    € 125.00/mo
  • Virtual Office
    per person
    € 39.00/mo
Private OfficesStarting Price
  • 1 Seat€ 299/mo
  • 2 Seat€ 550/mo
  • 3 Seat€ 850/mo
  • 4 Seat€ 1150/mo
  • 5 Seat€ 4450/mo
  • 6 Seat€ 4750/mo
  • 7 Seat€ 5050/mo
  • 8 Seat€ 5350/mo
  • 9 Seat€ 5750/mo
  • 10 Seat€ 6050/mo
  • 11-20 Seat€ 10,050/mo
  • 21-30 Seat€ 20,050/mo


Edge Water Business Complex., Triq Elija Zammit, San Giljan STJ 3120, Malta

Building Amenities

  • Onsite Staff

    Our team is here to support and assist you will all your office requirements - from front-desk service to personalised service.
  • Cleaning Services

    Daily cleaning in all areas helps to keep the office in a top state and always presentable.
  • Skype Booths

    Acoustically perfection and soundproofed booths provide a comfortable environment for conducting private calls and video chats.
  • Krystal Water

    Hydration is a must when you want to run your office at max rate.
  • Conference Rooms

    Dedicated meeting rooms all with custom designs and special features
  • Printing

    Print, scans, paper shredding, office supplies are a must in every business. Don't worry we got you back on this one!
  • High Speed Internet

    Hardwired or WIFI we have both options available. Secured, Fast and Reliable
  • Coffee / Tea

    Stay energised during the day with a non-stop stream of freshly brewed coffee. It also helps also keeps your guests happy.
  • Events

    Stay up to date with all event happening in our community and in the area.
  • Common Areas

    Stay relaxed, host a small meeting, or just chill in for a while. Our custom design Common areas are specially designed to make you feel relaxed and energise your self
  • 24/7 Secure Access

    Safety of your business is a super priorirty of ours. The building is under 24/7 survilance and has the latest in access control systems. making sure that you can work when ever you want and keep everyone else out

Beatrice Pociute Malta

SOHO Office - St. Julians Edge Water Business Complex, Elia Zammit Street St Julian’s - STJ 3150 Mail: Phone: +356 99 334 333


Edge Water Business Complex., Triq Elija Zammit, San Giljan STJ 02., Malta