What started as a need for more office space turned into a business


SOHO OFFICE HOTEL originated in 2013 from a need, which led to an idea. It happened that two foreigners to Malta, in the same industries, where faced with the challenge of finding quality office space in the prime areas of Malta. It was difficult to land just enough space for their needs, which led them to committing to a larger space than anticipated.

In the true entrepreneurial spirit, these gentlemen noted their experience was not an isolated one. So, they offered their extra space to rent out in hopes of building a coworking community. The wanted to attract other entrepreneurs and visionaries to a place that encouraged the sharing of ideas and building collaborative, beneficial relationships, and exchanges.

From there, both the potential and the space have grown into what SOHO OFFICE HOTEL is today.


Offering flexible and viable alternatives to the typical high costs of traditional office space. SOHO OFFICE HOTEL spotlights greater choice, complete with better services through their coworking office setup. Today’s way of doing business allows for shorter, less complicated terms so as you grow, so can the space you occupy, with easy upgrades and no penalties.


SOHO OFFICE HOTEL strives for provide flexible coworking and workspace solutions for business today’s world. By creating an engaging entrepreneurial community that encourages individuals to harness the power of collaboration through the sharing of ideas, products and services, great things will happen.